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Welcome to SlowCoffee.com - Your online shop for high-quality and fresh coffee & espresso.

SlowCoffee.de was founded out of a passion for good and conscious coffee enjoyment. We want to share this passion with our customers. That is why we are always looking for new coffee roasters and preparation possibilities that share this quality idea with us.

Why we chose Slow Coffee?

We believe that especially today, in our fast-moving times, many people forget to enjoy. Often there is a lack of time and awareness for a good cup of coffee. Lately we have asked ourselves more and more often: "What makes a good cup of coffee? And again and again our answer was: "The method of preparation, the quality of the coffee beans and the time you actually take to enjoy a cup of coffee".

Slow Coffee reflects exactly this: quality and conscious coffee consumption. Reflecting on the origin of coffee beans and the preparation of coffee.

Dinzler am Irschenberg Coffee Roastery has played a decisive role in this way of thinking. The coffee roastery in Bavaria stands for quality and fair coffee trade. Dinzler purchases the coffee beans directly from the coffee farmers in the respective countries of origin at fair prices and far higher than the coffee price on the stock exchange. This direct contact and fair payment not only ensures the long-term good quality of the coffee beans, but also secures the existence of many people on the coffee plantations.

This is how we selected not only the Dinzler coffee roasting company, but also many other coffee roasters from Europe, who demonstrate such quality and sometimes a similar approach to fair trade and sustainability.

About capsule coffee machines and the environment

SlowCoffee.de is strictly against coffee capsules. Although this is a very large market with well-known manufacturers and big profits, it is not our philosophy at SlowCoffee.de.

In Germany alone, approx. 4000 tons of aluminium and plastic waste were generated by coffee capsules in 2014. (Source: https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article123656432/Wir-produzieren-4000-Tonnen-Kaffeekapsel-Muell.html)

For us, this is an alarming figure that we do not want to further promote ourselves by selling coffee capsules. Especially since the price per cup of well-known manufacturers of such capsules is ridiculously high and the quality cannot be checked or reconstructed in some cases. It is often only coffee powder with artificial flavours that is mentioned. Exactly what we don't want in the cup.

The better alternative: coffee beans

Especially with bean coffee you have better the possibility to check the quality. By grinding the coffee in your own coffee grinder, you can determine the quantity and degree of grinding according to your taste. Of course, it doesn't always have to be filter coffee / Pour Over, even strainer machines, fully automatic machines, espresso makers and stamp jugs have their raison d'être and conjure up excellent coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and much more.

Our promise to you:

Not everything at SlowCoffee.com is slow - our shipping, for example, is lightning fast. Orders placed before 3 p.m. on a working day are usually dispatched on the same day. Our customer service is also on the ball and can advise you on the best coffee for your coffee machine or method of preparation. We are therefore available for you daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. by phone or e-mail.

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Our promise to you naturally includes permanently delivering fresh and high quality Coffee & Espresso. For a high-quality and conscious coffee enjoyment, that is what we stand for with our name.



René Schwabe - Owner SlowCoffee.de