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New: Caffè Mauro - Coffee from the south of Italy for the whole world
2018-07-17 11:51:00 / Coffee roasters
New: Caffè Mauro - Coffee from the south of Italy for the whole world -

Caffe MAURO - Coffee from the South of Italy for the whole world

Italy - the mecca of espresso beans. This is where the roots of the coffee roasting company Caffe MAURO lie, where people simply say caffè to good espresso. After more than 60 years of dedicated dedication to continuous quality improvement and expansion, the name MAURO now stands for the highest coffee enjoyment and outstanding quality in more than 50 countries.

A Success Story from Calabria

Caffe MAURO is well positioned in today's global coffee market for a reason. Founded in 1949 by Signore Demetrio Mauro, the coffee roaster has focused on perfecting aroma and taste. A concept that works.

What started as a small local business with a production plant of 20 kg per day expanded rapidly. The founder was able to increase production to 300 kg per day in 1952, to 1500 kg in 1957 and to 30,000 kg in 1960. The success quickly exceeded the possibilities of the original coffee roasting company. After relocations and several expansions MAURO now produces in one of the most modern coffee production plants in the world on an area of 37,000 square meters.

Customers in over 50 countries can thus enjoy buying the aromatic coffee from southern Italy online as beans, coffee powder or pods.

The balance of innovation and tradition

True to the motto "Caffe MAURO is roasted slowly, because those who can wait have more of the taste", the company exercises Calabrian patience when roasting coffee. The traditionally slow roasting process gives the espresso beans the time they need to develop hundreds of flavours. Important essential oils are thus completely preserved. The result is exciting full-bodied flavours that cover the wide spectrum between fruity sparkling and chocolaty depth.

Since 2008, the company has been under the capable management of Fabrizio Capua, who has made MAURO fit for the international market. The keyword was innovation. The products that frahling lovers buy online today in MAURO's web shop range from high-quality capsule machines to delicious coffee truffles - everything they need to further improve their cozy cup of coffee.

What customers can expect from Caffe MAURO

Customers can continue to rely on MAURO espresso beans, pod machines and coffee products in maximum quality and with maximum service. This applies equally to the coffee that frahling lovers buy in the shop and to the coffee products they buy online.

The company's place among the top 10 brands on the Italian market is an incentive to achieve similar success on the international market. MAURO invests extensively in research and development for quality assurance and recently updated its certifications in the areas of hygiene and safety.

MAURO also fulfils its responsibility in terms of environmental protection. 100% of the energy needed for production comes from renewable sources. With the certification to BIO FAIRTRADE in September 2015, the company is also demonstrating its social responsibility. The coffee roaster thus supports those countries that grow the high-quality coffee beans for MAURO products. A commitment that pays off for everyone involved.


Caffè Mauro - An eventful history